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The current Immigration policy has become an element of competitiveness. With the enactment of the Law on Entrepreneurs (Law 14/2013), our country provides an adequate regulatory framework for private investment input, and the international mobility of skilled workers.

We solve for your Company the following Immigration procedures:

Relating Entrepreneurs Law 14/2003, supporting entrepreneurship and its internationalization

  • Intra-company transfer workers.
  • Highly qualified professionals.
  • Investor Visas.
  • Entrepreneur Visas.
  • Visas for Training and R & D.

Residence and Work Permits of Title IX and DA1ª.3. RD 557/2011

  • Highly qualified Staff or Management.
  • Transnational Provision of Services.
  • Technical or scientific Staff of highly qualified Researchers.
  • Teachers College.
  • Renowned Artists.

Other Procedures:

  • Non-resident NIE
  • Driving Permits exchange
  • Legalisation/Translation of commercial documents


Ignorance of the administrative situation itself, the confusion of information received from the Administration, our family and friends, might mean the loss of our Authorization and the one from our depending relatives. We are aware of the difficulties that foreigners face due to lack of knowledge and difficulty of our Immigration Laws. For that reason, we provide a close, committed and efficient service to help you solve your situation.

Most common Immigration procedures for Individuals:

  • Family Reunification.

  • Stays for study, and its extension.

  • Residence, and Residence and Work Permits.

  • Renewal and Permit modification.

  • Long-Term and Long-Term EU Residences.

  • European citizens  (Certificate of Registration of EU Citizens, and UE Citizen´s Family card).

  • Return Authorization.

  • Spanish Nationality.

  • Cancellation of Police and Criminal records.

  • Other procedures (Mixed Marriage, Recognition of foreign Studies, Driving Permits Exchange, Legalisation/Translation of foreign documents).

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